Protect our future, save a child today

Who we are 

Lets Talk Humanity Initiative believes that the preservation of humanity is an obligation that we all share. In Nigeria and Africa, we do whatever it takes to make sure children, and by extension women, are catered for, empowered and protected. Everyday we transform and improve lives in order to have a better future to share.

Our Mission 

Lets Talk Humanity Initiative nourishes, protects and supports the child through community engagement. 

Our Vision

A world where childhood is preserved 

What we do

Everyday, children are endangered and

disadvantaged in various ways. At Lets Talk Humanity Initiative we initiate

policies and execute programs that cater to the child. We provide access to

education as tool for the betterment of the child. We

contribute towards child education by taking into the unique needs of children

with disabilities and impairment. We are a medium and platform for the survival of childhood.

Give Today 

 An effort made for the happiness of others lifts us above ourselves